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is because tech isn't really contributing. a lot of people, even larry summers, talking about how cheap it is to be a start-up today and get a market value. maybe that's a problem. anyway, let's get to reporting earnings. they're down about 1.5% after hours. josh lipton has the numbers. >> sales force just reporting. the street was looking for 6 cents on 1.3 billion. sales force reports 7 cents on 1.15 billion. so a beat on the bottom and the top. just looking through here, deferred revenue up 35% to 2.5 billion. that looks a little better than what the street was looking for. subscription up 37% to 1.08 billion. a little better. services at 70 million, a little light. in terms of the forecast, q-1 basically in line here. they're looking for eps of 9 to 10 cents. the street was looking for 10 cents. q-1 revenue, 1.21 billion. that's a bit better than what the street was looking for. that stock has been up big this year. up about 60% in the past 12 months. kelly, back to you. >> yeah,, such a great story. josh, thank you. sales force chairman and ceo marc be
economy and employment and capital doing well. had almost -- >> you sound like larry summers. >> it has 55 employees, right? >> it will have 100 by the summer. >> they will double their employment base and add measurably to the u.s. economic base. >> let's bring tim seymour into that conversation. what's on your radar today? >> one of the things we're going to do on "fast money" is our segment which is buy or bye-bye. i think there are 73 stocks in the s&p at 52-week highs. we know the market is strong. facebook is a classic example of that. what do you do here with a company that really has shown that they can monetize their mobile business and yet the valuation is very uncomfortable for a guy like me who is a value player? that's what we're trying to look at. i think you take profits. you trade in ranges, especially in places that have worked recently. the gold miners are another place that is an interesting place to be fading some of this. i don't think gold has found a level where it's ready to go higher. >> michael, i want to know generally speaking as people are going to sit back, ta
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2